Understanding and fulfilling customers and markets are needed dynamic. Developing and maintaining mutual relationships with our suppliers. We constantly develop the potential of our human resources.

We are humble in our approach, but we are proud of our achievement. We are convinced of our direction, but we are open-minded for possibilities. We are humane in our dealings, but we are demanding in our expectations. We are demanding on performance, but we are appreciating efforts as well. We are focused on our […]

The numbers are staggering: estimates show that Ontario generates 500,000 tonnes of clothing and textile waste every year and that number is expected to grow rapidly. Although most people report donating used textiles to charity for reuse, 85% of used textiles are ending up in the landfill instead. The good news: many people and organizations […]

Most people don’t know it, but the charities and companies that collect and sort reusable clothing also accept un-wearable textiles, such as clothing that is torn, ripped or stained. Textiles get sorted and graded to be sold for reuse or to be shipped overseas for reuse. Textiles that aren’t in wearable condition (even single shoes!) […]

Responsive: Demonstrated by programs and services driven by member needs and supportive of the shared interests of an inclusive business community. Resourceful: Demonstrated by an earned reputation as an authority on issues relevant to our industry and the effective, accountable and transparent allocation of our tangible and intangible assets. Trans formative: Demonstrated by visionary leadership […]